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At Innergy2000, we are committed to giving our clients the best experience possible. We achieve this thanks to a seasoned team of dedicated individuals. One of our strengths is our small team: we care about each other, and we also care about each and every client and participant in our workshops and coaching programs. Throughout our journey with clients, we make sure that our clients always deal with the same person for all their needs.

For specific projects that require additional resources, we also collaborate with a network of partner agencies and qualified consultants when needed.

Our core team is composed of four highly experienced and dynamic consultants and trainers. Each Innergy2000 team member has over 20 years of experience, a majority of these spent with international organizations as staff members or consultants. We have worked worldwide and trained and coached participants of over 140 nationalities at all levels of responsibility, including senior management.

The training, facilitation and coaching services we offer benefit from each team member’s extensive technical expertise and their particular sensitivity towards different cultural and learning expectations.

Ms. Goranka Crété

Director, Senior Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Goranka is a training, curriculum development and communications expert with 20 years’ experience in all areas of training management, design, and delivery of communication skills training and coaching in English and French. She has delivered several hundred communication skills workshops and trained over 2000 staff members of UN agencies and international organizations.

Prior to being appointed Director of Innergy2000 in 2003, Goranka worked as a training professional in France’s private sector and training manager at an international organization.

A graduate of Arcadia University, U.S.A. and Sorbonne-Paris IV, France (B.A. in English/Communications and M.A. in Languages/Linguistics), Goranka is also a certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Langauges - TESOL) with extensive experience of working with non-native speakers of English.

Ms. Sarah Clark

Senior Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Sarah is an experienced trainer, facilitator and consultant, formerly a senior editor and manager of the technical publications team at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva. She has more than 30 years’ experience helping staff of different nationalities to communicate more effectively in writing, drawing on expertise in: workshop development and delivery; coaching in writing and editing skills; development of style guidelines, planning tools and other forms of support for writing and publishing; and analysis and review of publication policies and processes.

Sarah also works more generally to support teams and managers in thinking and communicating clearly about what matters to them and in working together effectively. She has experience in strategy analysis and facilitation of strategic planning and, as a Belbin Team Role accredited consultant, is a keen proponent of the Belbin approach for boosting personal and team effectiveness. Sarah particularly enjoys using visual thinking tools and mountain landscapes — both real and metaphorical — to connect people and create space for dialogue, insight and inspiration. In her second profession as a mountain leader, she loves sharing her passion for the Swiss mountains (www.swiss-alpine-hiking.ch).

Sarah holds BA and MPhil degrees from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Open University, UK. She works in both English and French.

Ms. Caroline-Anne Coulombe

Senior Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Caroline-Anne is a highly experienced communications strategist with 25 years of communications and marketing experience. She is also a global capacity-building expert skilled in needs assessments, training design, instructional design and curriculum development, e-learning, and training delivery in French and English. She has spent over 10 years working in public health and risk and emergency communications including as WHO staff responsible for risk communication and public health communication capacity-building.

Caroline-Anne is a coach, published author and an accomplished writer who is passionate about authentic communication. Before moving to public health, she was an advocate for Francophone rights all over Canada, where she was publisher and editor-in-chief of a provincial newspaper as well as freelance journalist and writer among things. Caroline-Anne holds a B.A. in French Literature and Writing from Ottawa University and has completed Masters’ Studies in Applied Health Services at Dalhousie University, specializing in qualitative research. She is currently in the certification process to become a coach and teacher in the Conscious Transformation methodology.

Ms. Andrea Milic

Senior Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Andrea is a psychologist with 20 years of experience in staff development, organization change, and training in management and leadership and various areas of psychology at work. She has delivered hundreds of training sessions both as a consultant and former staff member of several international organizations. Her areas of expertize include consultancy and training in effective team management, behavioral and cognitive strategies to cope with stress and conflicting situations, become assertive and culturally competent member of multicultural teams.

Andrea’s training method is based on original approaches, combining sound results from relevant psychological research as well as personal experience of working as an international civil servant. She has worked with and in teams faced with different stressors for extended periods of time and acted as an advisor for team members’ wellbeing. Andrea holds a M.A. degree in Psychology from Open University, U.K. and is currently completing her PhD in Psychology/Emotional Intelligence.

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