Welcome to Innergy 2000 Limited a global training company

We specialize in training and coaching solutions in
communications and management.

Our communications training programmes and coaching focus on strengthening speaking and writing skills that enable staff to communicate more effectively and support the achievement of our clients’ strategic goals.

We also support organizations in their change management and development by providing training and coaching on a range of skills, from management, leadership and team building to conflict management, stress management, emotional intelligence, and many more.

We serve organizations and people all over the world.

As an international consultancy and training company, we serve United Nations agencies and non-profit international organizations at their headquarters and worldwide.

Since 1997, we have worked with dozens of international organizations. We have delivered hundreds of training workshops in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America, and trained thousands of participants from over 140 countries.

We are people-centered to better serve you.

At Innergy2000 we understand that people are at the heart of all success.

We are here to help you to make full use of all your human resources and better cope with change. We do this by enhancing and developing the core competencies and skills of your staff members.

And we also practice what we teach. We are a small team and we care about each and every client and participant in our workshops.

You are unique. And so are we.

Every consultant and trainer on our team is a former staff member of international organizations with extensive experience of working with multicultural groups with various sets of skills and needs. This gives us great understanding of how international organizations function, and what your general needs are. It also arms us with a particular sensitivity and competency in responding to cultural differences.

We also know each organization is different, with specific needs. This is why we primarily offer customized training, coaching, and services.

But before we even offer you a training or coaching solution, we conduct in-depth research on your core activities. We also do a comprehensive assessment of the challenges you and your staff face.

Once we know you better, we create a training or coaching solution that is just right for you – and we provide additional support when needed.

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