About us

At Innergy 2000 Limited, we specialize in training and coaching solutions in various areas of communications and management for United Nations agencies and non-profit international organizations. Our programmes are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients and can be delivered as onsite workshops and coaching sessions, virtual sessions or e-learning modules. Most of our programmes are available in English and French.

Our history

Innergy2000 was founded in 1997 in the United Kingdom in response to a growing international demand for training and support services. Since its creation, our company and its team members have successfully served dozens of international organizations and delivered hundreds of training workshops in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America for thousands of participants from over 140 countries.

Our mission

At Innergy2000, we enable organizations to make full use of their resources and better cope with change. We do this by enhancing and developing the core competencies and skills of their staff members. This improves productivity and effectiveness of individual staff members and strengthens organizations as a whole.

Where we work


Innergy2000 is registered in the United Kingdom. As an international consultancy and training organization, we serve United Nations agencies and non-profit international organizations at their headquarters and all over the world.

Our team members are based in Europe and North America and regularly travel to every region of the world to serve our clients.

Our philosophy

Customized training

At Innergy2000 we understand that people are at the heart of all success. Our mission is to enable our clients to make full use of their resources and better cope with change by enhancing and developing the core competencies and skills of their staff members.

We know that each organization is different, with specific needs. This is why we pride ourselves in offering primarily customized training programmes, coaching, and services - no off-the-shelf products.

Our approach

Understanding the needs of our clients

In order to respond to our clients’ specific needs and offer customized solutions, our trainings and coaching are preceded by in-depth research on our clients’ core activities and comprehensive assessment of challenges.

For our various training programmes we usually use a four-step strategic approach:

  1. Organizational and Target Group Needs Assessment (OTGNA);
  2. Development and design of customized materials (training manuals, case studies, simulation activities, visual support materials, etc.);
  3. Creation of custom instructional design and delivery of highly interactive training modules, based on the type of audience and adult-learning principles;
  4. Post-training evaluation and follow-up.

Our style

Professional and culturally sensitive

One of our primary objectives is to establish a climate of confidence and commitment to building skills and transforming attitudes amongst the participants in our workshops. The training and coaching services we offer benefit from each team member’s extensive technical expertise and their particular sensitivity towards different cultural and learning expectations.

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